We have conducted a three year evaluation of the work of KeepOut - a prison based crime diversion programme. A general overview of KeepOut, including a record of the processes, procedures and policies that KeepOut developed over the years it was in operation (May 1996-February 2018) and the many lessons learned in this time, can be found in the following paper:

KeepOut - The Crime Diversion Scheme: Legacy Document (1996-2018)

The legacy document makes reference to a number of KeepOut policies, internal reports and manuals. If you would like to view these please contact us directly - k.bullock@surrey.ac.uk

Featured Publications

Key academic findings from this work are available in this section, which we will update with new content as it appears. We have used the data from our evaluation to look at a number of issues. They include - the prisoner perceptions of participating on KeepOut, issues regarding the operation and management of the programmes in the prison, KeepOut impact on young people from the perspective of prisoners and staff, and prisoners views of rehabilitative interventions in the prison more generally.

‘Making good in unpromising places’ looked at the impact that Keep Out had on participating prisoners. The academic paper can be seen at this link:


‘The mechanics of reform’ looked at issues regarding the difficulties establishing KeepOut in the unpromising prison environment. This paper can be seen at this link:


We also completed a 3 year evaluation of the operation of the KeepOut scheme. Full details of the findings from the evaluation are available here.